On-demand Economy is Reshaping the World Around Us – Here’s how

By Shivam Srivastava
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Last update on: September 16, 2021

Over a period of time, business world has seen a paradigm shift. First internet companies and now on-demand delivery apps are taking the startup world by storm. With the huge success of on-demand cab booking app Uber, many startups have come up with entirely new ideas to make our life simpler. Today, you have a number of on-demand startups that promise instant delivery of goods and services just with a single tap on a mobile screen.

Now, startups are vouching for on demand app ideas to make money and grow their businesses.

On-demand economy for consumers and businesses

With people becoming busier day by day, on-demand delivery services like food ordering, on-demand washing services, cab booking etc have taken a front seat. But have you noticed one thing? not every startup can adapt to on-demand ecosystem. Why? Well, the reason behind this is, not business is able to create a scalable business model that caters to the user’s need in the most effective manner.

Users are least interested in download 100 apps to perform 100 different tasks. That’s the reason why on-demand business leaders stay ahead in the competition. For example, leading restaurant discovery startup Zomato has combined a number of on-demand delivery services in a single app. The app understands that if you are searching for an eatery, there is a possibility that you might need a vehicle to reach there or Google Maps to exactly get the location. Zomato app has integrated Google Maps to get the location and at the same time, it has collaborated with Uber to provide cab services so that you can reach and enjoy your food with great convenience.

This is indeed an extremely productive business model for the app based startups because it multiplies growth to a great extent and provides a chance to earn good revenues too. Brands can collaborate with non-competitive businesses as it adds value to their ventures and increases user engagement too. After on-demand business is all about adding value for the customers and provide with the fastest and most affordable services.

On-demand Economy for Employees

On demand economy has also brought a change within the organizations between employees and employers. Of late, most of the companies have started following the policy of ‘Bring your own device’ and other enterprise mobility management models. It has been witnessed that employees feel more satisfied with this model. These days, IT companies provide the liquidity to their employees in terms of project delivery. Employees can deliver work anytime as now many companies allow them to work from anywhere and on any device whether it’s their personal laptops, smartphones or tablets. This in turn leads to employee retention as they feel proud of the fact that how strongly company believes in them.

Final Words

Moral of the story is, Industries Backing the Staggering Growth of on-demand economy is helping consumers, users and everyday audience by allowing them to purchase a product or service with just a few taps on their smartphone, offering quick and round the clock services and in many more ways. Multiple on-demand app based startups are generating good revenues with proven and new business models too.

We are very bullish on the future of on-demand business and expect that within the end of year 2017, each and everyone would make use of on-demand services and many new business models are still to be introduced.

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