E-scooter Apps Development

We are the Top Electric Scooter App Development Agency to have joined hands with more than 10 companies till date to help make our planet more ecologically sound with one e-scooter app at a time.

How our on-demand e-Scooter apps work

We are the leader of the ecologically sound mobility solution called on-demand e-Scooter app development.

User search for a bike

Scan the barcode on the scooter

Unlock the bike to ride it on the destination

Lock the scooter once destination arrives

Ride ends

Our on-demand e-Scooter apps solves real world problems

Appinventiv is known to develop apps that solve life-impacting issues and our portfolio as an electric scooter app development company speaks no differently.

All the e-scooter apps that we have developed, to date, have shown to have given the users and the world relief from a series of different problems.

Surge pricing in cabs

Reduction in traffic congession

Zero Carbon Emission

High Commutation Cost

e-Scooters are the most ecologically & profitability subset of the on-demand industry.

The global electric scooter and motorcycle market size was $12,961.8 million in 2016, and is expected to reach $22,192.0 million by 2025.

We kick-start your app with sensible and in-sync e-Scooter app features

In-App payment

We integrate Payment Option in the electric scooter rental apps to make it convenient and fast for the users to book the ride.


The feature makes it possible for the riders to find out the location of available e-scooters through their uber for an e-scooter app, without having to check the parking in person.

Social media integration

Logging into the electric scooter rental app is a breeze with our one-click social media logins.

Cross platform ability

We understand that your user can be on any device - Apple, Android, and Web. Knowing that we make your dockless electric scooter app ready for cross-platform.

Barcode scanning

Barcode Scan is one of the most important e-scooter app features. It plays an inherent part of developing an e-scooter app and we do it perfectly.

How much would your e-Scooter app development cost?

The cost to develop an e-scooter app will be decided upon by calculating the hours that would be invested into designing, development, and testing process.

The hourwise breakdown of e-scooter app development cost would look like this -

Project Management = 60 - 90 hours

App Design = 60 - 90 hours

App Testing = 60 - 90 hours

iPhone (user) App Development = 370 - 420 hours

Android (user) App Development = 370 - 420 hours

iPhone (charger) App Development = 130 - 180 hours

Android (charger) App Development = 130 - 180 hours

Web Services = 130 - 180 hours

Admin Panel Development = 320 - 370 hours

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Appinventiv provides a dedicated team to brands worldwide to create products that your customers will love.

We Are The Early Adopters Of this Innovative Technology Who Can Prepare Your App To Grow

We are one of the very few electric scooter app development companies across the globe to have entered the less charted territories of this new on-demand segment. At Appinventiv, we have a team of experts who specialize in the design and development of e-scooter apps.

A number of companies around the globe have already joined the bandwagon to provide an ecological, profitable solution to present day commutation ecosystem, with their dockless electric scooter app. It’s Your Turn To Join The League.


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Frequently asked questions

Although it is hard to set a fixed number on the cost of E-Scooter apps, there are major factors that together comprise the final cost. Those elements are:

  • What kind of features you add into your app?
  • Platforms you choose- Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, and more
  • Frameworks used in the development
  • Duration of time taken to complete the app development process
  • The size of the team of developers
  • Location of the development company
  • UI/UX Design features

There is no doubt that E-Scooter is gaining popularity by the day, encouraging businesses to try E-Scooter app development for themselves. Here are some of the reasons for E-Scooters’ popularity- Environmentally sound, Cost-effective, and saves road congestion.

Some of the leading E-Scooter apps are Lime, Spin, Bird, JUMP, and Skip.

Here are the most important features of E-Scooter app development-

  • Access to E-Scooters location
  • QR Code functionality
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Easy Payments methods
  • Push notifications
  • Feedback and rating option
  • Customer support

One of the most impressive trends of E-Scooter app development is that Lime and Bird’s monthly app downloads count increased by 580% between the months of January and July. In fact, the downloads reached more than 880,000 in the United States —seven times higher than the first 31 days of 2018.

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