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App Development for Startups:
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Your app concept shouldn’t be dependent on a high execution amount or an internal development team. We are a startup app development company that helps you convert your concept into a deployable MVP in a low-launch time.

We Help Small Teams Do Big Things

Our app developers for startups powers businesses from across the globe, enabling the dreamers to make their visions come to life. We have worked with over 700+ up and coming brands - an experience that has helped us understand a startup’s money and time to launch limitations. We hand-hold you throughout the process of idea valuation, outlining of your goals and milestones. We combine the technicalities of design thinking with raw human feelings like empathy and rationality to prepare you in your journey to become tomorrow’s biggest brands.
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It All Starts With an MVP.

We ensure that you are not a part of 70% app failure chart that results from lack of proper market testing.
App development service for startup ideas

After detailing what you wish to achieve, who is the app audience, and the features that need to stand out, we create an MVP within 60 days which is ready to be rolled out in the market and to be presented to the investors in the next fundraising meeting.

Our Modus Operandi

We have a defined course of action to achieve the end goal but the true essence of our process lies in never losing sight of our client’s unique requirements and their end users. What drives you, drives us.We have a defined course of action to achieve the end goal but the true essence of our process lies in never losing sight of our client’s unique requirements and their end users. What drives you, drives us.
Discovery Workshops for Startup app development
Discovery Workshops

We believe Discovery Workshop is the most efficient way to handle any project. It plays a defining role in the initial planning phase of a digital product. We conduct product discovery workshops to define business goals, the purpose of the project, prioritize core functionalities, understand target audiences, formulate user personas, and explore their needs and journeys. It streamlines the entire development process and ensures our client’s end product aligns with their goals.

We have conducted over 40 Discovery workshops and it has helped us identify any challenges early on. Conducting a workshop fosters a shared sense of understanding, which helps us steer the project in the right direction collectively.

Scoping Session for Startup app development
Scoping Sessions

We articulate your product idea into a well defined Scope of Work and unleash your product faster in the market, cost effectively.

After advancing the understanding of your goals and vision, we infer your value propositions, characterize your product and define the scope of the project. In our Scoping sessions, we discuss expectations and strive to enhance our client’s understanding of the product and its functionalities. We provide our clients a detailed Statement of Work (SOW), a report where we underline the project scope and a ballpark estimation of the project budget and timeline.

Business Analysis

Business analysis is a collaborative and analytical process where we discover, elicit, and define business, user, functional, and nonfunctional requirements. Our Business Analysts work closely with the key stakeholders to turn their requirements into a viable product.

They act as intermediaries managing the interests of the client and perform strategic analysis throughout the various phases of development cycle. Besides conducting Stakeholder and Competitor Analysis, we examine the feasibility of options and only validate requirement-based solutions as approved by our client.

Startup app development company
Product Design Sprint

A Product Design Sprint is a 5 phase brainstorming exercise spread across 5 days. Our end goal is to transform an idea into a functionally designed prototype. Months of designing, prototyping and testing is conducted in a few days to validate assumptions with real users and assess the gaps in the process.

Following the sprint methodology not only orients the entire team but minimizes the risks of failure. A Design Sprint yields invaluable insights to our team on how an end user engages with a product, and helps us in filtering what works for them and what doesn’t.


After Rapid Prototyping, we jumpstart building the Minimum Viable Product. An MVP is the first version of a digital product. Intact with the core functionalities, it is built to garner valuable feedback from its end users. We always strive to build a product that is delightful, usable, valuable and feasible from day one.

Backed by real data and not speculations, an MVP helps us in decision making and sets the scope for future iterations. The concept behind MVP is premised on validated learning. Launching and promoting on a smaller defined market assists us in researching and adoption testing.


Improving, Iterating and Upgrading is an ongoing process and we offer end to end solutions to our clients. We provide a long term support for the app that you build with us and offer due consultation whenever needed.

After transitioning your revolutionary idea into a reality, we document a description for the app store, and make your app available to millions of end users. Our pre-release testing and post-release support ensure you relentlessly improve your product’s quality and retain your end users. We believe in stabilizing and scaling your product for a long term success.

Our Product Discovery Process and 5 Days Design Sprint Process Help You Know What’s Really Important

Bringing the user needs in sync with your business values is the principle that promises a successful launch.

The first step to understanding user needs starts with identifying if at all your product is needed - An Answer which we derive through the Product Discovery Process which majorly revolves around talking to the end users - the key to app development for startup success.
After we have validated the feasibility of your app idea, we rely on Google Design Sprint to understand your business and get an idea of what your consumers are looking for. This is the building block of our end-to-end custom software development for startups.


  • Day 1
    Issue Mapping
    Issue Mapping
  • Day 2
    Solution sketching
    Solution Sketching
  • Day 3
    Hypothesis Testing
  • Day 4
    Prototype Creation
    High-fidelity Prototype Creation
  • Day 5
    Solution Testing

As part of our startup software development’s sprint planning sessions, we ask you questions, challenge your assumptions, and then drive prioritization on the basis of user needs, business value, implementation cost, and the constraints of resources and timeline.

The Outcome Of Our Process is not a Regular App. It is an App That Gets Funded

Our partnership gives you a lot more than a mobile app. Our developers are known as app developers for startups for a reason. We offer you insights into how startups become enterprises and find a team that helps them stay at the top. In other words, we make you funding ready.
  • Our Product Canvas Helps Build Right. Build Smart.

    Before we start with the startup software development process, we create a Product Canvas with complete information of the product planning stages on one page. We float the product canvas to all stakeholders with information like - Project’s Goal, Details of the User Persona, and the Functionality, Design, and Characteristics of the Mobile App.

  • We Ship Early and Ship Often

    Our release plan promises that the features get out of the door in the least possible time. Getting app versions rolled out quickly and frequently grows the chance of success and lowers the probability of you developing a wrong thing. We make use of automated tests, in-house QA team, and strict code review to ensure that the app is always ready to be deployed.

  • We Help You Analyze, Grow, and Change

    At a stage where the cost to change is the lowest, what helps is getting feedback on the core USPs of your app from people who are using it. Using tools like user polls, video recordings, and conversion analysis is our MO to find out if our startup app development end product is fulfilling its goals.

Amplify Your Startup

No matter the product that you have envisioned is big or small, your goals moderate or moonshot, we make it happen.

Perfect when:

It is the best approach to follow when a Startup is looking for Angel Investment.

  • Product Manager
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Business Analyst
  • Startup Consultant
  • Development
  • Quality Analyst
  • Project deployed on a product server
  • Setting analytics systems
  • Development strategy and post launch support
  • 3 month supervision
  • Presentation of a project to an investor
  • Fundraising support
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