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We are the political app development company that offers all the solutions you need to help win the elections.

What is the Role of Apps for Political Parties?

Why is it time for political parties to take the unconventional route.

Political Parties from around the world constantly struggle with creating an impactful, direct link with the millions of prospective voters who hold their future in own hands. The result of this disorientation almost always results in the nationals not knowing the values that the political parties stand for and voting for the opposition.

Through our political campaign & volunteers management app development services, we are here to help you change that. We are here to make your party reach the constituents.

Mobile Apps Engineered to Help Political Parties

Every single one of our political app development services are devised to help create a positive image about your political party and bring you closer to your volunteers’ hearts.

The political mobile apps that we develop have helped parties reach their millions of constituents on a virtual one-on-one level, leading them to build a very strong and loyal millennial base.

Our team of Political app developers, market dynamics researchers, and political app development experts understand that the economy is going to welcome new voter class in the 2019 election campaign and for the years to come, is more sound and can take more research-oriented voting decisions.

The understanding helps our Political App Developers create solutions around professional apps for political campaigns that feed the need of the information and transparency starved billions.

We are the political app development agency who knows the right political app features that help you reap all the benefits a Political App Building ecosystem can offer, inside out.

Volunteer engagement

Our volunteer management and engagement apps ensure that your political party is shown in the best light.


Our Political App Design gives you a platform that allows you to be in constant touch with the constituents, no matter what corner of the world they belong to.


We help you show the real values of your party to the constituents in the medium that they understand.

Reputation management

Our apps can help you succeed in the competitive political landscape, unscathed by helping you sway the constituents’ opinions in real-time.

Appinventiv powered features make you a vote magnet

We develop political app development solutions with features that result in trust-inducing mobile apps.
Real-time updates

The dynamic content updation part of our political app development services gives you the facility to constantly update the constituents of everything new happening in your political party, in real-time.

Volunteer management

We help you bring all the volunteers working towards the common goal of making your party win the elections, in one place. We add features like gamification and rewards system in your app to ensure complete volunteer engagement within the app.

Donations and sponsorship management

With the help of certified and encrypted payment modules, we ensure that the donors and sponsors feel no difficulty and inhibitions in sending money in your account to extend support to your party.

Social connection

Our political app development services have social media connection at the center of the system. Designed at the back of the understanding that the future of the success of all political campaigns lies in the social media engagement levels, our social connection helps you take the utmost benefit of your political apps.

Live feed

We add the facility of live feeds in your political mobile app to help you showcase your journey, events, and achievements to your constituents as they happen, without a moment’s delay.

Content management

We help political parties develop visual and text content that brings them much closer to the millennial constituents around the nation.

Tools & frameworks that we use to make your political app engaging

We power your mobile apps for political campaign and groups with the best technology-set

The journey of your political campaign app to reach and engage millions of constituents in real-time needs a powerful set of technologies to make it happen. Our team of Political App Developers uses just the right combination of technologies to make it all happen.




Artificial intelligence

What makes us reliable

Why have political parties embedded their trust in us and made us the top political app development company in India and the USA?
Our team of data scientists excels in targeting

Backed by several years of experience in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, our team of Data Scientists and Political App Creators helps political parties plan advertisement targeting. We take their message to the right set of eyes at the right time.

We are and so we understand constituents

We have, in our role as the most trusted political app development company, worked with several constituents in the voting age group. We understand the reasons behind the lack of activity and engagement and know the ways to solve the issue.


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Frequently asked questions

The answer to this question is more complicated than to be described in a word. Not just political apps, but the cost of mobile app development, in general, depends on many factors.

Those factors are:

  • What category your app belongs to ( Political app)
  • How complex you want your app to be- Simple, Mid-level, Complex
  • The platform you choose- Android, iOS, Windows, etc
  • Whether you go for Cross-platform, Native, or hybrid apps
  • Amount of hours spent in the mobile app development process
  • Number of developers in the team
  • The location where the app development company is based.

There are numerous benefits which politics gain from political apps. Some of them are:

  • Help create awareness
  • Assists in raising funds for political management campaigns
  • Helps in spreading the word
  • Aims in sharing and building management

Features are the elements that enable functionalities in mobile apps, be it political, Social media, or travel. So, here are the important features that Political apps should have:

  • Login function
  • User-friendly UI
  • Provide search option
  • Enable GPS functionality
  • Allow user to give ratings
  • Add category tag
  • Enable sharing of videos, photos, and more
  • Feedback tab must be added
  • Use Push notifications
  • Add bookmarks and more

Political app development is gaining momentum by the day. Here are some of the top examples:

  • The White House App
  • iCitizen App
  • Congress+ App

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