The very first resonant frequencies-based personal wellness system.

By Appinventiv
Wednesday, June 5, 2019 14:35 PM 13 min read

The science of Bio-Acoustics Compiled Into An Easy to Use & Quantifiable Mobile App - Applied and Deployed by the Healthcare industry’s most renowned health and wellness app developers.

Let’s take a look at how we used the database behind SONIPHI technology to assess 94% of your vocal information to provide you a complete well-being analysis report on your personal healthcare app.


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Overcoming Obstacles

There were a number of challenges associated with the Soniphi app. The biggest amongst them was fetching human voice by reducing the background noise. The second was making a gist of the massive data generated through empirical analysis.

User journey map for SONIPHI showing app features for different modules.
Colors and Icons

To ensure that the end user had quick access to their voice notes report, the color set and icons were chosen in a way to be less invasive.


We used line icons all through the app, as they offer simplified viewing and an illusion of open space.


User Interface Design

The design process was led with a desire to keep the UI simple, functional and impressive. Using the established Soniphi brand, we went back to the drawing board and considered a UI that would remove overheads, providing a much more seamless and intuitive experience. One of the big features was adding a 3D display of the analysis.


Bringing It All Together

The development process of Soniphi was both - a test-driven approach with constant iterations and a feature driven approach. By including both testing and coding in the iteration cycles, we ensured that we don't move on from a feature until we have tested in under multiple scenarios and have changed the code accordingly.

Our process also included the creation of an algorithm that would correlate the voice recordings with the millions of healthcare reports drafted by the scientists over a period of many years.

From the development front, we segregated the app into individual features. We then developed and tested them individually before moving on to the next feature. During every stage of the development process, our client, development, designing, and the testing team was continuously kept in the loop.

Our Technology Stack

Results obtained from the process

We helped bring the Human bio-acoustics science on mobile and set the platform for the millions of users to witness the relationship between a voiceprint and the physiology, personality, structure, and function of the human body.

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