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Domino's - How Our Refined UX Strategy For Domino's Increased Their Conversion Rate By 23%

By Appinventiv
Wednesday, June 5, 2019 14:35 PM | 13 min read

One of the most loved Indian Pizza Joint, Domino's, started facing issues with retaining customers and was seeing a rise in bounce rate, when they came to us. This is how we worked on their UX, bringing a steep rise in not just their conversion rate but also in the session time.


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    Revaluating mobile strategy

    When Domino's came to us, they were not looking to create a brand name. They were looking for ways to redefine their business identity in the market and reinstate their image, through the way of redesigned User Interface and User Experience.

    Arijit Bhattacharyya

    When we approached Appinventiv, what we had was an app and website whose conversion rate were dwindling for quite some time. We weren't able to identify the issue, but we needed quick help.

    Arijit Bhattacharyya
    Product Head - Digital

    Identifying problem statement

    Pizza is the one food category that has become a national food for the Indian Gen X and Gen Y. And, there are very limited joints which have been able to keep the pizza lovers coming back, with Domino's being one of them.

    Losing customers' attention at the back of a poorly designed UX is a matter of concern of all the brands that are present on mobile and when the brand under scrutiny is someone like Domino's that has already created a prominent standing, resolution of issues becomes a matter of urgency.

    After a thorough analysis of the users' movements, when we worked on redesigning Domino's Website and App's UX, the brand saw a jump of 23% conversion rate. It hinted directly towards how important it is for the users to have a design that allows quick movements.


    What does the app do?

    Through the Domino’s App, users can select their choice of pizza crust and order it from within the mobile app, while making the payment through the app itself. Users can even track the live status of their order from within the app itself.

    To make it all possible, Domino's Pizza app comes with following features:

    • Browse
    • Customize Order
    • Order Online
    • In-App Payment
    • Track Delivery
    Dominos App Features

    User Stories & Epics

    User stories are essentially a way of thinking about functionality of a page/site from the point of view of a user. It answers what do users want to do? And from there we can design the functionality required to achieve the task that they need to perform.

    Browsing Menus

    Sort menu by categories
    Provide special offer
    List all meal plans options

    Customize Pizza

    Provide choice of crusts
    Provide selection of toppings
    Able to put special request if any

    Order Online

    Locating nearest store available for home delivery
    30 minutes arrival guarantee

    Track Delivery

    Track the Domino’s Delivery Person
    in Real-Time

    Dominos - User Interface App Screen

    User Flow & Journeys

    We started with first talking to a number of Domino's customers and then entered the process from once you enter the app till the checkout to know exactly what was happening. What we found out was that the design was not attention grabbing enough and there were also little issues like fetching of location, that were turning off the users.

    Once we found out what the issues were, the next step was to redesign the app and web, one element at a time so that the existing users didn't had to face any time lags.

    User Flow & Journeys
    User Flow & Journeys User Flow & Journeys
    Wireframes & Prototyping

    From Scribbles to Structure

    Once we identified the issues that the users were facing and the app screens they were leaving the app from, the next stage was to look back at the Domino’s app wireframe.

    While, we did not touch upon the user flow of Domino’s app as the flow is what the users are most acquainted with, we looked back at prototype on the designing front.

    Dominos - Wireframes & Prototyping App Screen
    Dominos - Wireframes & Prototyping App Screen
    Dominos - Wireframes & Prototyping App Screen
    Dominos - Wireframes & Prototyping App Screen
    Dominos - Wireframes & Prototyping App Screen
    Dominos - Wireframes & Prototyping App Screen
    Dominos - Wireframes & Prototyping App Screen

    Mood boards & Style guides

    The combination of images and texts that were set in the Mood board and Style Guide across all the app screen were kept in line with the easy to order and track brand image that Domino's aims to achieve.
    Both - Style Guide and Mood Board of Domino's App was set to revolve around the ease and quick in and out experience of the end-users.
    Styleguide played an important role to ensure designs were consistent and branding was maintained across all screens
    Proxima Nova Alt

    User Interface

    Since the app and website is about quick selection and easy checkout, we planned our UI design approach in the same way. Using the right combination of font and image sizes, we were able to remove all elements of distraction from the pages, making the flow quick and easy.

    Dominos - User Interface App Screen
    Dominos - User Interface App Screen
    Dominos - User Interface App Screen
    Dominos - User Interface App Screen
    Dominos - User Interface App Screen
    Dominos - User Interface App Screen
    the outcome

    23% Increase In Conversion Rate

    The post redesign Domino’s app resulted into a stark increase into the app download rates and the conversion rates. The users that were once leaving the app without making any order are now spending time within the app to not just make their orders but also track them in real time.

    Dominos - App Rating & Reviews Dominos - App Rating Dominos - App Rating Dominos - App Review Dominos - App Review Dominos - App Review
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