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Built for IKEA stores, the ERP solution helps walk-in customers go through the store’s product catalogs right from the store-erected tablet panel. The two-fold solution has been used by IKEA for giving customers an in-store catalog solution on one hand and on the other hand using their personal information as a promotion asset.

Easing in-store Onboarding of World’s Largest Furnishing Chain

For a brand as massive as IKEA, customer onboarding is always a challenge. Assigning a sales representative to every customer is difficult considering the heavy footfall and even when customers get a guiding hand, it remains a challenge for the reps to be updated on the product availability in stocks and the applicable discounts and offers. Additionally, multi-national B2C brands constantly struggle with gathering customers’ information - email addresses, products they are interested in, etc. for marketing purposes.

Noting the issues, there was a need for an ERP solution that would both - give users the real-time status of products’ availability and collect their information to then use as marketing assets.

Our Role

Our Role

  • 1Development
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Project Goals


Conceptualization of the project

We started with the customer journey mapping process, ensuring that we have a complete understanding of the roadblocks IKEA offline customers face when shopping in-store. The understanding then laid the basis for the ERP solution’s feature-set and the integration choices.


Creation of an ERP solution

We worked on the creation of the ERP solution following an agile development approach. Our team of designers, developers, and deployment experts worked together to build a solution that would become the first point of contact for every IKEA walk-in customer.


Integrate the facility to gather customers’ information

A crucial outcome that the IKEA management team was expecting was in terms of customers’ information that they could then use as marketing assets. We brainstormed and integrated the facility of entering personal information and preferences with the system’s backend in real-time.


Deploy the solution across individual IKEA stores

Our deployment team worked on the launch of the ERP solution across different IKEA stores, each with their individual servers. We worked remotely on the IKEA private IP address while ensuring that there are zero glitches in the system when it runs on multiple servers.

Our team worked in an agile manner to build the ERP solution in record time. There were some challenges in the way but we brainstormed and found solutions to those without hampering the delivery timeline. We are very proud to be a part of IKEA’s user journey while contributing to the brand’s promotional efforts.

Making Customer Onboarding Easy While Supporting IKEA’s Marketing and Promotion Efforts


Gathered an understanding of what the walk-in customers need by taking in their information and preferences.


A platform for customers to see the availability of products they need and the details of discounts and offers on them.

Although we cannot call the development side of the project ‘complex’, there were a few challenges that our team encountered. For example, instead of having a common server for all the store locations, they wanted a separate system - with their own individual servers - in every location. Moreover, they wanted us to work on a private IP address. So, it was a bit tricky for our team to develop the entire web application from a remote location. Our team, nonetheless, found a workaround and deployed location-wise kiosk solutions in the multiple IKEA stores.

Making Customer Onboarding Easy

The result of our dedicated efforts behind the ERP solution development led to the creation of a solution that is today getting expanded the 7+ IKEA stores in the UAE. The retail outlet touts the solution as the biggest source of ROI measurement.

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