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Gully beat App Development by Appinventiv

Gully Beat - An app that gave voice to the streets, nation wide.

By Appinventiv
Wednesday, June 5, 2019 14:35 PM | 13 min read

An extension of the Bollywood blockbuster movie, Gully
Boy, the app is a platform for every street rapper to
showcase their talent.

Gully Beat app helps to explore new music and listen to featured, original and karaoke-style raps. It is a perfect place to handpick from 100+ original beats, record an original or karaoke-style rap, and even spread the word on your recorded track with others in the gully.


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    Promoting the voice of the street

    The project came to us with the clients - Excel Entertainment looking to promote their movie, Gully Boy on the mobility domain. The idea was that of an app that would allow the many rappers in the nation showcase their talent by recording their rap and sharing it.

    Just like the movie depicts - The rise of a DIY Rap Culture, which everybody is welcome to enter, ‘Gully Beat’ was also ideated to help aspiring rappers create their rap tracks in a very small duration and share them on the app and social media.

    Zoya Akhtar, Film Director, Excel Entertainment

    We came to Appinventiv were looking for an app that would not just help us promote Gully Boy but also
    solve the challenge of a lack of a platform for truly talented artists to showcase their talent.

    Zoya Akhtar
    Film Director, Excel Entertainment

    Our Ideation Process

    By Appinventiv
    Wednesday, June 5, 2019 14:35 PM | 13 min read

    Once we were clear with the understanding of the requirements, we moved to the planning phase of the application. And since we were working on a tight schedule mode, we ideated and planned the whole development process - divided into milestones - till the time of delivery in just a day’s time.

    At this stage, we had a clear idea of what all actions a user would be performing inside Gully Beat:

    Explore new music and listen to featured, original and karaoke-style raps.

    Choose from 100+ original beats.

    Record an original or karaoke-style rap.

    Share the recorded track with others in the gully.

    Gully beat App Development by Appinventiv

    Colors and Typography

    By Appinventiv
    Wednesday, June 5, 2019 14:35 PM | 13 min read

    The UI guidelines were kept in the same line as that present in the Gully Boy movie marketing collaterals - to present the app as an extension of the movie, aesthetically as well.

    Gully beat App UI design
    Gully beat App UI design
    Gully beat App UI design

    Apart from maintaining consistent branding, our UI design was also centered around making the whole experience - of selecting a theme, entering lyrics, and recording the rap before sharing it to the world - a low learnability curve one.

    Bebas Neue is a sans-serif font. It was
    exclusively used for titles while
    Helvetica was used for regular text and
    Pickled Bluewood
    Styleguide for Gully Beat UI

    The color palette and icons, text style that we used in the application were in line with the dark mode of the Gully Boy
    movie posters and other branding content. The idea was to keep the selection in a way that they don’t interfere with
    the whole rap recording and sharing process.

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    Team presentation
    App Development

    An amalgamation of core elements

    Our technology stack for Gully Beat

    The Gully Beat app was a product of a parallel development approach in which multiple teams were working side by side next to a separate team that was set up solely to work on the Proof of Concept for the problem and development challenges that were identified during the requirement gathering phase of the application.

    The complete development cycle was formed in order to complete the project within the set deadline.

    the outcome

    Our final product as a result

    After diligently devoting hours to the ideation and development process which was guided by the agile methodology, we developed an app having the potential to spread the word of talent to as many ears as possible. The app had a remarkable interface, identical to that of the theme of the Gully Boy movie itself.

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