Fantasy Sports App Development Solutions

We are the specialists who develop an arena that brings together sportsperson, coaches, and viewers.

Our digital sports solutions have transformed 30+ sports brands

We offer a range of sports app development services that cover every gamut of the entire industry.

We are the sports app development company that develops track and field solutions for every segment of the myriad-elements sports ecosystem. No matter who your end users are, we have your sports needs and expectations covered in our expansive sports app development solutions.

Sports coaching and training apps

Our team of sports app developers excels in creating interactive apps that help sports enthusiasts learn a new sport with ease and in the comfort of their time.

On-demand sports coach app

We give sport learners the ability to practice their movements by taking help from coaches when they feel the need to, without waiting for their next training session.

Sports streaming app solutions

A very important part of our sports app development solutions is our speciality in developing live sports event streaming apps that are strategized in a way to give high load speed along with superior viewing experience irrespective of the network conditions.

IoT apps

We understand the importance of all round physical wellness for sportspersons and with that understanding, we bring the data from all their wearable devices on one platform, through our sports mobile app development solutions.

Sports event booking apps

Our Sport App Development service includes designing and developing event booking solutions that are powered to handle thousands of users in a robust, hack-proof environment.

Sports betting apps

We hold expertise in building a secure sports betting platform which makes it safe for viewers to place a bet on their favourite sports team.

Sports team & league management

We, in addition to sports software development also give you web solutions that streamline the process of monitoring and managing the sports teams and leagues.

Our hand-picked features put your digital sports offering into high gear

Introducing sports and fitness app features that are devised to keep users hooked with the application and bring us into the league of the top sports app development companies.
Real-time score updates

We give your users the freedom to access real-time scores and schedule updates.

Augmented reality

We have the skills to place your viewers in the ground along with their favorite stars from the comfort of their homes.

Social media integration

We add an interactivity quotient in your sports app by linking them to social media platforms.

Push notifications

We keep your users engaged with our strategically planned push notification strategy.


Our GPS functionality helps keep your users informed of sports events happening near them and helps them locate sports coaches in their proximity.

Big data

We help Sports Agencies and Venue Managers gain insights into how users are interacting with their business - What elements are keeping them engaged and what are the instances that are pushing them away.

Live streaming

We add a live streaming functionality in your sports apps to make it a one-stop shop for your users to remain updated with the game’s movements and scores.

Communication tools

To make your application more interactive, our sports app developers give your sport enthusiast users the provision to interact with each other during a betting session or while the fantasy game lasts.

Making Sports Industry Techy

With the world getting better with disruptions and innovations, the Sports Industry should not fall back too. Our team of traditional and fantasy sports app developers are playing their part in seamlessly merging the sports sector with technologies.





Introducing the Sports World to eSports

The sports industry is seeing a vital shift. The shift is called eSports. Considered the black sheep of the sports family, eSports is now going mainstream as people are looking for ways to bring the thrill of the domain closer to their home. We are power packed to bring them home.
  • Esports betting software

  • Esports tournament hosting software

  • Esport collaboration software

  • Esports tournament management software

  • Esports team management software

  • Mobile Esports platform

  • Esports league management software

  • Esports production tools

Fantasy sport solutions

We are the fantasy sports app development company that prepares your app to join the$17 billion sports industry, enabling million gamers’ participation in the day and season-long gaming sessions.

There are multiple service-set that our fantasy sports app development process adheres.

Fantasy sport AR Solution

Blockchain specific Fantasy Sports

Fantasy stock market app development

Fantasy analytics software

Fantasy sports app development features

We are the fantasy sports app development company that knows the sector inside out. And this understanding translates into us being able to offer solutions that delve into a feature set that all the sports industry stakeholders use.
Participants version
  • User authentication
  • Search and filter matches
  • Join tournament
  • Create tournament
  • Develop fantasy team
  • Reward
  • CMS system
Admin version
  • Admin login
  • User management
  • League management
  • Match management
  • Revenue management
  • Reward point
  • Bonus cash management
  • CMS system
Appinventiv powered features
  • Push notification
  • GPS tracking
  • Live match score
  • Real-time analytics
  • Android Developers Tools

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Frequently asked questions

There are multiple benefits that the inclusion of mobile apps in the sports industry brings with it - supply users with quality sports content, news, and score updates, building a welcoming environment where the sports fans are able to interact with each other and their favorite sports teams, providing a safe platform where fans can place bets on players and teams, and engaging the gamer fans through the mode of fantasy sports.

The feature set of fantasy sports app development is majorly set for two stakeholders: Users - For the users, our fantasy app developers deliver features like user profile, player info, create leagues, join leagues, drafting teams, news & updates, live scoreboard, e-wallet integration, team management, push notifications.

For the admins - view earnings, role-based dashboards, league management, user management, CMS, CRM, bank transaction management, reward point management.

While it would differ from one use case to another, a digital sports solution should majorly consist of - sports industry news and updates, community support, live streaming, social media integration, ticket booking, push notifications, etc.

Appinventiv has been chosen as a prefered sports solution development company by a number of sports brands. While the skillset is the major reason behind this decision, factors like their usage of technologies like AI, AR/VR, blockchain etc to make the industry efficient also plays a major role in popularizing them.

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