Enterprise App Development

We are the enterprise app development company that does not just build apps but unparalleled success for your business.

We have streamlined the process of over 20 fortune 500 companies by giving them solutions.

At Appinventiv, we don’t just develop enterprise apps, we create solutions that expedites business growth, improves employee productivity, and betters data security.

We offer custom Enterprise Application Development Solutions to Businesses, irrespective of whether they are 10 people team or that of 10,000. Our experience of being the fastest growing Enterprise Application Development Company Augments Our Understanding of what a Business Need in its Work Process to Become a Brand.

The Enterprise Mobility Solutions that we Develop and Deploy are Planned and Designed in a Way that the Learnability Curve is to a Minimum - The Reason why Entrepreneurs and Businesses Trust us for Their Work Streamlining Processes.

Number of process simplified
Number of work-hours made productive
Number of businesses streamlined

We reinvent your organization, processes, and business model with digital automation

Our Enterprise app developers offer a set of Business Automation Services that help businesses move forward at a much faster speed and with a lot less mistakes. We help you stay on top of competition by developing automation solutions for your business.
  • Our Enterprise Mobile App Develop Services help automate 90% of operations and help establish effective workflows.

  • Cut down the maintenance cost of your business IT ecosystem by 40%.

  • Software system scalability is defined in a way that your future will be accommodated at no extra cost.

Appinventiv offers an all-rounded Enterprise Mobile App Development support designed to grow alongside your team size

Our Enterprise Mobility Solutions and services are devised to smoothen the enterprise processes, making them the industry’s leaders.
Mobility strategy and consulting

We help businesses identify process which would get more streamlined and ultimately more profitable through mobility.

Mobile application development

We develop Enterprise Application Architecture for SMEs and Enterprises, which are efficient to handle all the present day challenges that the business is facing and is scalable enough to grow as the business grows.

User experience design

The design standard that we rely for your Enterprise Mobile App Development process is one that promotes a quick in and out time for the users while making the app easy to use when there’s a time crunch.

Modernization of legacy application

We provide scalable legacy application modernization service which optimizes your business’s operations, lowers disruption, and betters your employees’ productivity.

Mobile application security

We understand how important it is to have a hack-proof ecosystem for a mobile app that revolves around million of user data.

In-app analytics

Apart from the plethora of app features, we embed the power of analytics in the app for our partnered enterprises. The in-app analytics give them insights into how the app is performing and the amount of impact that it is able to create.

Mobility business integration services

We prepare your app to be integrated with your current processes and software. The learnability curve that our app comes with is the lowest in the industry, making it extremely easy for your team to get acquainted with the app and avail huge benefit in least possible time.

Enterprise content management solutions designed in-line with your unique business needs

Our ECM Service Offers Six Things to take your Business Content to New Heights: Betters Content Management Process. Enables Business Process Automation. Fastens Disaster Recovery Speed. De-Centralize Data Maintenance.

Our full-cycle custom Android app development process has helped us to delve deep into the Android world. And we have explored all possible solutions- Smartphones, Android Tablet, Android Wear and Android TV.

Web content management

Workflow management

Marketing automation

Enterprise smart search

Digital asset management

Document management

We protect your intellectual property as our own

Our work policy is embossed With Old school Business Ethics. Our Business Mobile App Development Process are Devoted to Maintaining a Transparent and Trusting Relationship With You.


Complete GitHub access

Transfer of code ownership

Our Business Mobile App Builders Have Your Back Even Post-Launch, Free of Cost

We stay around till much after the app is launched in the stores. We are here to ensure your app rules the mobile domain just as your business rules your industry.
We are one of the On Demand software Development Companies that help industries mobilize themselves to fulfill their users’ whims and fancies.

Design Update

Our clients get a free design update to make their app more in sync with the users’ demands.

OS upgrade

We offer free scalability to our clients by developing their app according to the next in line OS update.

New device compatibility

We design, develop, and test our client’s app according to a new device specification within 60 days.


Our clients get free consultation revolving around app marketing, post development challenges, testing issues etc.

We are trusted by brands you believe in
Recognized by the best

Number 1 app development company for Fintech/Startup


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Frequently asked questions

Enterprise apps basically refer to the set of applications that businesses and Enterprises use to better organize their internal processes, mitigate the challenges, and provide an enhanced work experience to their employees.

Bestowed with years of deployment and development experience, Appinventiv's Enterprise App Developers are adept in providing various enterprise mobile solutions across numerous industries. AppInventiv has a wealthy knowledge base and expertise of developing world-class and challenging Enterprise mobility projects. And, that's one of the reasons why we offer differentiated and strong enterprise mobility services and solutions.

With in-depth experience and expertise, diverse vertical industry knowledge and a team of global resources, we offer the best enterprise mobility solutions to our clients, which in turn, increase their business productivity. By offering our unique and innovative mobility consulting solutions across all the mobile platforms and devices, we have helped several brands and businesses in maximizing ROI, reducing risk and capitalizing on all the mobility offers.

The enterprise mobility services and solutions offered by Appinventiv cover all the major mobile platforms including Android, iOS, iPhone, Windows Phone, Windows RT, HTML5 and other associated server technologies. Since inception, we are constantly involved in delivering operational efficiency by leveraging mobility to assist our client's develop competitive business advantages.

We are known to deliver secure and scalable integrated mobile apps for any enterprise business and brand, using smart code for developing the right application, process and workflow without even getting entangled down in intricate, costly and resource intensive coding and testing. Our developed mobile apps support both native and HTML5 Web applications to help you choose the best approach for your business mobility application needs.

The development of an Enterprise Application provides critical and real-time information that helps in speeding-up the decision making process and increasing the operational efficiency and workforce productivity.

So, if you are looking for Enterprise Mobility Applications, Enterprise Mobility Management, Enterprise Application Integration, Mobility Enterprise Solutions, Mobility Application Development, Enterprise software development firm, Enterprise Mobility Solution and Enterprise Mobility as a Service, connect with Appinventiv. We offer impeccable services – be it visualizing, analyzing or business consulting to mobile driven business solutions, which help them in meeting their business requirements.

The latest trends in enterprise application development is fueling businesses with the power of latest technologies like Blockchain and AI. In addition to the technologies integration, another trend that is being seen in the enterprise app domain is of omni-channel strategies. Over time, businesses are aiming to make employee experience similar across all platforms they interact with.

The primal benefit of choosing cross-platform app development approach when investing in mobile app development for business is the low development cost and earlier reach to market.

The next advantage is simply the fact that you get a chance to get your application to multiple devices and platforms. So, no matter what device your employees are on, they will get access to the application in real-time.

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