How Blockchain Technology is Transforming the Insurance Industry

Blockchain innovation is disrupting the insurance industry. And, for good! As per a report by Markets and Markets, the global market for blockchain in insurance is expected…

Paving the Grounds for Disruption

We are early adopters in this changing landscape of disruptive technologies. Unravel unique insights and update your knowledge base with the latest articles from our industry veterans.
Android App

How Will Android 11 Features Impact Your Mobile Application?

Android 10 was a big shift for Google in the Operating System environment. We did not just finally get to work around the long-awaited Dark mode and…
Android App

Top 20 Best Android Libraries for 2021

Being an Android developer is not a cupcake. It needs knowledge and understanding of the languages, libraries and what not. To help the developers and ease out…

How to become a successful app entrepreneur in 2020?

Learn more about how to take the journey of transition from being a full time employee to an app entrepreneur.

How to Build a React Progressive Web Application?

Technology colossuses such as Google and Microsoft have been paving the way for progressive web applications (or PWAs) since 4-5 years back. Now, PWA has become a…

How Are Big Brands Making Use of PWA to Improve Their Business

As the technology industry continues to make more and more investment in innovative web solutions, the progressive web apps aka PWAs are becoming more prevalent. Today, PWAs…

A Beginner’s Guide to Progressive Web Apps

Today the Internet isn't split between mobile and desktop. With the advent of smartphones, growing numbers of users began browsing the web on mobile devices. Mobile apps…

A kaleidoscopic Glimpse of How Appinventiv Runs

At Appinventiv, work and fun go hand in hand. Open communication and free culture defines us and the work we do day in, day out. Every person in out works to bring value to the table and deliver unparalleled results.
Product Management

What is Product Backlog?

Have you ever had the feeling that your team makes the same mistakes again and over? You believe things are not progressing correctly, and you need to…

The Ultimate Guide on How to Run Design Sprint with Remote Teams

Geographical distances should not be a roadblock to collaboration and creativity. Who understands this better than a digital product development team? Going by this sentiment, for a…

Rounding off invaluable industry insights and current trends

Be it on-demand apps gaining momentum, or next-gen social media apps bringing the world closer, from mHealthcare solutions to making micro-mobility mainstream, here’s everything you need to know about the current breakthroughs spanning all industries.

Challenges to Know Before Starting E-scooter Rental Business

E-scooters have been in use for long enough to create different kinds of impressions in users’ minds.  Its progress is owed to its specific qualities and offerings…

The Role of Cloud Computing in Transforming the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare domain is on an innovation drive. The industry is seeing technology making an impact from across all directions - security, predictiveness, accessibility, and affordability.  Now…
Travel App Development

How are Augmented Reality Apps Reshaping Travel and Tourism

If you’ve ever played Pokemon Go, tried decorating your home using the IKEA app, used those wacky Snapchat filters or tried different styles of makeup using the…

The Startup Ecosystem

It's the age of Startups. From how to build an impeccable product to how to scale a new startup, find out what it takes to make the cut. We delve deep into the world of Startups and guide you on the best technology for your app based on your unique requirements.

How to Choose the Right Pricing Strategy for your Mobile App Project

For every Apprenuer, building a great mobile application takes center stage. Since the startup app development process has been repeatedly talked about, a considerable amount of time…
React Native Development

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Developing React Native Apps

With over 1.6k active contributors working to make React Native a success, the glitter of a bright framework future has not gone unnoticed by developers looking to…
React Native Development

Top 11 Local Databases for React Native App Development

React Native has established itself as a prime choice of startups and establishments looking for a mode to enter the app domain in a cost and time-efficient…

A comprehensive walkthrough of the next-gen technology

From Blockchain to AI and ML, we have curated an in-depth ‘how-to-guide’ to provide you all the answers on new-age technologies that are transforming the digital ecosystem. Discover how you can leverage it to build robust and scalable applications.
Mobile App Design

Intuitive Search Specs that Separate the Best from the Rest

Sometimes you hear people utter the phrase “I had an intuition” at which point you may wonder whether he/she has the ability to view the future. But…

How to Manage AI Projects: From POV to Ready-to-Execute Solution

The question of whether or not do AI enables companies to streamline their processes and help them in delivering proactive solutions has been answered and dusted by…
Mobile App Design

How-to Guide for a Flawless Voice User Interface Design

Ever since I saw the first part of Iron Man, I’ve been fascinated by the potential of AI technology Tony, all too well with his AI assistant…

Impact of eScooters on the urbanized travel...

Learn about the transport situation and how its dominated by on-demand and ride sharing products like eScooters.
Outsource App

Software Development Outsourcing Tips From 15 Industry Experts

Imagine you have a business which is doing really well, but you want to do more and excel. Thus, for you to generate revenue efficiently you have…

Tap on the latest trends!

Discover all the latest trends in the mobile app industry. Regardless of the technology, or the industry, whenever we come across any breakthrough, we jump right in to get you covered. Know more about new-age transformations in the mobile app industry along with possible future trends.

Integrate AI Technologies To Help Companies Achieve Their Goals

AI is a marvel of modern science that has enabled many previously inconceivable possibilities. Many things in the industry have become more efficient and productive as a…
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: The Tech Trend that is Transforming the Healthcare

The advent of Healthcare Application Development industry has brought about a change in the once traditional Healthcare industry so much so that what once called for spending…

From an amazing idea to an amazing app that the world...

Learn the secret to how to enter the world of mobile apps with strategic planning and the right outsourcing team.

An overview of what it takes to be the next big thing

Whether it is joining the Blockchain wagon, or building smart solutions using the power of AI, we have got the answer for all your business needs. We provide all the necessary insights on trending apps and outline a ballpark estimation to help you build the next big thing.
Cannabis Delivery App

How To Bring Your Cannabis Business Online: Cost And Technology Perspective

The cannabis business has just received a massive boost from all across the world. The legalization and acceptance of cannabis by government entities and the general public…

Which Language Is Best For iOS App Development?

If I shouted “iOS or Android” in the middle of a crowd, the following two things may happen: A huge crowd may cheer for Android, thinking what…

iOS 14 Privacy Features and Their Impact on App Distribution

Apple has a habit of introducing revolutionary changes year after year with every new operating system launch. 2020 was no different. In fact, in many ways, it…

How Much Does Mobile App Development Cost?

Estimating the mobile app cost is a process made of several sub-stages. This ebook will help you know what the range would be.
On Demand

Best On-demand App Ideas to Start Money Making Startup in 2022

While the IT industry is booming and businesses of all kinds are coming up with various web and mobile app ideas, the actual gold lies in a…