Progressive Web App Development

Delivering user experiences that have the look and feel of a mobile app and the reach of the web.

Delight users and increase conversions with next-gen Progressive web app development

We are a top progressive web app development company having successfully deployed secure and robust web app solutions across all industry verticals.

At Appinventiv, we build cutting-edge web applications that render a 100% immersive experience and function similar to a desktop or mobile app. Through progressive web app development, we help you take your business to the world in a way that the world wants to interact with your business.

Our Progressive web applications ensure smooth performance and render a native alike experience. We work with an aim to optimise and maximise user engagement, and make mobile applications readily accessible with less effort across all platforms.

Our progressive web app solutions come integrated with unique features such as offline browsing, push notifications, data analysis and easy channels of distribution.

At Appinventiv, the creation of a PWA is so standardised and seamless that users can’t really differentiate between a native mobile application and a progressive web app. Besides delivering the feel of a native app, we focus greatly on enhancing the user experience with faster load time, an app-like interface and highly interactive content.

We help brands by developing best-in-class progressive web applications that aren’t just superfast and lite but also connectivity-independent and compatible across all devices and screen sizes.

Our team of Progressive web app developers helped over 30+SMBs and brands increase their user engagement by over 65x and expand their revenues by over 300%, with our best-in-class progressive web app development services.

Future-ready progessive web app solutions come with an array of benefits

We take the power of Progressive web app technology and combine it with our extensive Mobile and Web App development expertise to deliver a feature- packed solution. Our progressive web app developers provide a potent combination of technical expertise and deliver meaningful experiences.


Our PWA development services are built around dynamic upgrade, making it easy for our clients to be present across browsers.

Connectivity Independent

We integrate service workers in such a way that your PWA runs as flawlessly in a no-network condition as it would in a high-quality network environment.


Regardless of the form factors, we build robust progressive web applications that render seamless interactivity across all browsers and devices.


The interface that we use for Progressive web app development ensures an intuitive and engaging user experience that transitions seamlessly without any lags across smartphones and tablets.


We build PWAs in a way that search engines can easily discover them, operate offline and be put on the home screen. They are integrated with push notifications to keep less-active users engaged.

Low Data Usage

Your PWAs are built in a way that they take up a very small portion of the limited internet bandwidth that users usually struggle with.

Our Progressive Web App Development Services

We provide high-end progressive web app development solutions that are remarkably efficient, highly responsive and aim at meeting unique user needs. Through our progressive web application development services, we ensure that users get an immersive app experience when visiting your website.
Custom Progressive Web App Development

Depending on your unique business requirements, we develop custom progressive web applications with an intuitive user interface, quick animations, native alike feeling and lightning fast speed.

Responsive Web App Design

Our experienced Progressive web app developers create solutions that provide seamless interactivity at a blazing fast speed across multiple devices and browsers.

Progressive Web Design and Development

We help you unlock the power of mobile devices in ways traditional browsers can’t. With standardised and seamless progressive enhancement and development, we provide a unified user experience and help you significantly increase your mobile conversion rates.

Application Shell Architecture

We develop PWA on app shell model to deliver exceptional user experience with easy to navigate, fast speed sans interference.

Quality Assurance Testing

For PWA development, we follow an agile approach and perform comprehensive testing to provide complete support and maintenance. We ensure that your PWA solutions are glitch-free.

Secure Data Migration

We follow a structured approach and develop a data-intensive web application with faster, seamless and secure migration of data across browsers.

PWAs are revolutionising business around the world

As a leading PWA development company, we are not the only patrons of the PWA power. There are many businesses who witnessed a stark rise in their revenue and conversion rates after PWA inclusion.

The UK Clothing Brand saw a 31% Rise in Mobile Conversion

The app witnessed an 80% rise in conversions.

The travel booking app witnessed 4x times increased rates YoY.

PWA brought the hotel a 300% hike in revenues

The PWA of this classified app has got the business a 25% increase in engagement

The dating app now loads in 4.69 seconds as opposed to 11.91 seconds earlier.

The hotel booking app was installed by 150% more people on the home screen.

The commutation booking app loads in less than 3 seconds on a 2G network.

Why choose us?

Our team of Progressive web app developers leverage years of expertise and the power of PWA technology to offer cutting-edge solutions that help you stand out in the world of millions.
Business Oriented Solution

We are the top progressive web app development company and we excel in providing comprehensive business oriented PWA solutions. We begin by understanding your unique business requirements, strategize, analyze, design delightful experiences and timely implement your solutions.

Migration to PWA

We help brands that operate through websites and native mobile apps in migrating their presence to PWA and expanding their user base to billions across the world

Secured Ecosystem

We ensure that your PWA solution is secure by using the HTTPS facility to prevent any unauthorized access. With data encryption, powerful architecture and multiple security layers, our PWA developers further enhance the security.

App Shell Model

We build PWA solutions on an app shell model to provide an exceptional user experience sans interruption or speed loss.

Search-Engine friendly solution

As a leading PWA app development company, we build apps that can easily be accessed and indexed by Google SERP, ranking high for heightened visibility and facilitating greater chances of conversions.

Increased Conversion Rates

We provide unparalleled user experience to your end users with robust PWA solutions and help you expand your engagement and conversion rates across all platforms and browsers.

Up-to-date PWA Solution

We build the best PWA solutions that can be updated on a regular basis in the HTTPS medium and used by applications to gain access, prevent snooping and tampering with the content.

Advanced Development Approach

Our PWA developers take advantage of the most innovative technologies and tools, such as AngularJS, Google developers, Webpack etc. to build world-class PWA solutions.

End-to-End Support and Maintenance

At Appinventiv, we address all issues impacting system efficiency with a team of committed support staff. Our experts ensure that your PWA solution remains up-to-date and in line with the latest technologies.

Our team is skilled to develop an engaging PWA solution

We help your brand garner more visibility

We solve the problem of app installation fatigue

We help you significantly increase the app loyalty count

We help businesses take the future of Mobile web across diverse industry verticals

We transform your brilliant ideas into exceptional user interfaces to build solutions that help you meet the rising demands of the digital business era. We have worked with startups and brands in diverse domains and industry verticals.



Travel and Tourism

Banking and Finance


Social Networking


Real Estate


Sports and Gaming


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Frequently asked questions

A PWA offers ample benefits over websites, something that has made business persons look ahead to migrating your website to Progressive web app. A few of them are:-

  • Progressive and Responsive
  • Native App-like Look and Feel
  • Easily Installable
  • Connectivity Independent
  • Access Native Device Features Effortlessly

A PWA app is a better option for startups as it lets them enjoy the best of the web, Android, and iOS world without putting additional efforts.

When considering Native vs Progressive Web apps, there is no absolute winner. The answer depends entirely on what factors you consider. For example, PWA leads the show when you focus on higher discoverability, better market reach, and lower development efforts. Whereas, Native development is preferred when your app needs to interact with third-parties and needs to be highly responsive.

While there are various frameworks used for PWA development, the best option to go with is Ionic.

No, a PWA application is not submitted to Google Play Store/App Store. They are shared and installed via a link itself.

The cost of PWA development relies somewhere between $3,000 and $9,000. But again, this is a rough estimate. To know the exact cost range, it is advisable to connect with our PWA experts

Yes, Progresisve web apps are the future of mobile web. PWAs are known for its speed, reliability and its engaging factor. With PWA, you get an array of benefits like:

  • Loads pages faster.
  • Increases the conversion rate
  • Opens the website without any URL bar.
  • Engages users with push notifications.
  • Allows easy navigation.
  • And most importantly, allows working on weak or no internet connection.

In simpler terms, a regular web app is a website that is designed to be accessible on all mobile devices in a way that the content fits as per the device screen.

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a form of a regular web app, but with some additional features which allows it to provide an exemplary user experience. It is a perfect blend of desktop and mobile app experience and offers end-users best of both the platforms.

Yes, mostly all major desktop and mobile browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge and Opera support PWAs.

Yes, a custom menu can be developed for your PWAs. As per your business needs,you can develop a mega menu, hierarchical screens, special sliding or any sort of custom menu.

Estimations & planning for business decisions