iBeacon App Development

From informing users about heavy discounts in the nearest stores to giving extensive information about any historical monument, iBeacon opens doors to a new world of possibilities and endless interactions between devices and iBeacon hardware.

We help you beaconify everything with our beacon app development services

We are a leading ibeacon app development company that builds easy-to-use location-based beacons apps delivering personalized experiences to users at scale.

We, at Appinventiv, focus on introducing the latest BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) or Vision 4.0+ technology to offer an interactive and magical experience to users.

We understand that proximity marketing is the future of mobile marketing in brick and mortar businesses. And thus, we put our best efforts in iBeacon app development for iOS and Android and deliver solutions that consume low energy and serve users with the mega version of interactivity. It is the type that builds trust among the two and increases the chances of higher engagement level.

Our iBeacon expert developers deliver research-oriented Beacon app development solutions that ease the path to gain in-depth knowledge about users’ brick and mortar ecosystem and upgrade the overall ROI by sending location-based messages to consumers.

We have already designed and developed various impressive iBeacon mobile apps that have yielded lots of profits to our clients. And we strive to provide you with the same power match of Beacon hardware and mobile technology and eventually, enjoy a profitable future.

Everything we wish you to know about beacon technology

At Appinventiv, we transform your brick and mortar store in an interactive ecosystem to engage consumers like never before. But, our efforts are not confined to just this.

Our team of ibeacon app developers believe in making the technology digestible to all - by sharing the basics with everyone.

What is Beacon technology and how it works?

A beacon is a small wireless device that, being an element of indoor positioning systems, employs proximity technology to identify human presence nearby and sends messages. On recognizing one, it broadcasts radio signals with the help of Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Low Energy. These signals are received by mobile phones which then perform pre-set actions to offer personalized and contextual user experience.

Our beacon app development solutions are all you need

We have made it to the list of top iBeacon app development companies by delivering a vast range of services depending on your business needs.

Vehicle tracking

Transferring documents

Location and proximity solutions

Mobile payments

Indoor maps and navigation

Discount notifications

The process we follow to make things happen magically in beacon ecosystem

Our iBeacon app developers go through every stage of the development process to ensure that your application gets counted among those leading the pack.

Wondering what keeps us ahead of competition? It’s our iBeacon application development edge

We have proven ourselves to be the best iBeacon application development agency by delivering services, beyond building an interactive app to engage with customers.

Premium quality

Customer engagement at the forefront

Broad expertise in domain

Development using cutting- edge technologies and tools

Collaborative approach with the client

Transparent processes

Custom business models

Support and maintenance throughout the app’s lifetime


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Frequently Asked Questions

Beacon mobile apps help businesses in marketing their business and deliver an interactive environment to users in different ways. Some of them are:-

  • Inform nearby users about discounts and offers
  • Greet users at the door
  • Provide informative content
  • Reward them with loyalty points

Yes, they can work without an app. The finest example of this is Google Eddystone beacons that transmit URLs which can be passively scanned by around 92% of Android devices in the marketplace.

There are various challenges associated with developing an Android app for iBeacon. So, we advise you to hire reputed Beacon app builders for the development process.

Yes, they can. This is because apps do not actually connect with beacons. They receive the signals transmitted by these devices and perform pre-set actions.

Yes, they can work without internet. After all, they rely upon Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for connectivity.

iBeacons broadcasts BLE signals in a particular zone, which are then received and interpreted by mobile apps nearby. And eventually, the pre-set action has been made by the mobile applications to deliver an interactive user experience.

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