User Interface Design

Helping Startups and Businesses design interfaces that render a visually-stimulating experience to the end users.

Create designs that evoke emotions

We build interfaces that are effortless, intuitive, immersive and seamlessly guide users in performing the desired action.

Since 2015, we have crafted a number of experiences and handled multiple projects - scaled Startups to get funding and paved way for Businesses to get trending on Playstore. Our unconventional designs, relentless pursuit to bring together purpose and aesthetic, and sheer dedication to keep up with the latest trends has helped us craft better solutions.

The experience and deep market understanding that we have garnered over the years, helps us unite user, business and technological requirements to deliver a genuinely satisfying experience for millions of end users.

What we do

Our experienced team of Design Strategists visualize creative ideas and materialize them into end designs for our customers. They dig deep and draft a visual language that the user understands.
  • Business discovery and user research
  • Product and marketing UX strategy
  • User interface and visual design
  • Front-end engineering and platform integration
  • Usability testing and analytics
  • Design sprints and prototyping
  • Customer journey mapping
  • UX Workshops

The Appinventiv design method

We don’t limit ourselves to just delivering a solution. We craft brilliance together and deliver experiences that are ever-evolving.


Dig deep, gain an understanding of the business and user’s needs and behaviour.


Uncover breakthrough insights and formulate a strategy to achieve set objectives.


Materialises what’s visualized - Craft engaging designs that are themed appropriately.


Test with real users for factors like ‘Usability’ and ‘Likeability’. Iterate using gathered feedback to craft solutions that offer maximum efficiency and responsiveness.

Gully Beat

An app in partnership with Bollywood blockbuster- Gully Boy, that gave voice to the streets, nation wide to showcase their singing talent.

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Frequently asked questions

UX stands for User Experience. It involves analyzing and understanding user interaction with the features of an app. On the other hand, UI is the acronym for User Interface. It is all about the actual presentation of the app while determining how every element in the app will align on the page in relation to one another. This particularly includes things like- icons, colors, buttons, fonts, images, etc.

UI/UX designers are responsible for researching, investigating, collecting and evaluating user requirements in order to develop the product accordingly. Their ultimate responsibility is to deliver an outstanding and exceptional experience to the users along with intuitive application design. A Product designer, on the other hand, is one who does everything like UX, UI, coding, project management while figuring out solutions to the problems that might arise during the initial process.

A programmer is a person who writes computer software or applications by giving computer-specific programming instructions whereas, UI/UX Designers are responsible for researching, investigating, collecting and evaluating user requirements for developing applications accordingly.

User Interface design is all about strengthening the app’s interface in order to enhance the user’s experience. It involves the process of selecting the right interface elements like buttons, icons, colors, fonts, etc. The emphasis should be on the look and feel of the app and the visual vibe of the product. Here are some UI tips and trends that can help you create an astounding experience.

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