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We build AR/VR apps that give unbelievable twists to mundane processes to deliver immersive customer experience and satisfy next-generation users.

Augmenting your services to build an immersive experience

Appinventiv is a leading AR VR development company that helps startups and establishments employ the raw power of augmented and virtual reality to enthrall users and multiply your ROI.

Consumer expectations are heightening day by day. They are looking for new innovative ways of interacting with businesses and getting the most bang of their buck. And this is what we help businesses with.

We are a leading VR and AR development company that uses the best-of-breed tools and techniques to craft highly immersive experiences. We assist businesses in providing a virtual environment much like that of the physical world to their target audience and drive better outcomes in minimal time, cost, and effort.

Our team has an expertise in AR/VR development and is known for introducing the concept of agile, user-centric, and measurable product development in the environment. With this approach, we not solely focus on delivering augmented and virtual reality experiences that delight your target user base, but also advance your core business goals and make you stand out from the rest.

Benefits you get on adding AR/VR to your business

On partnering with the top VR and AR development companies, you get a myriad of benefits of introducing these cutting-edge technologies into your traditional processes.

Rich and immersive user experience

Content tailored to suit users’ needs

Fast adaptation

The true connection of users with published content

Heightened brand awareness

Remove language barriers

Detailed Analytics

Making your business more profitable with our customizable services

We are a renowned AR & VR development company that merges experience with creativity to deliver highly-immersive applications for your brand which aim to create an inexorable whirl in the market - and we do this by offering the following set of AR/VR app development services.
AR/VR app consultation

Our team of AR and VR developers help entrepreneurs learn what these technologies mean to their businesses.

Apps for data visualization and computer vision

Applications designed by our experts let companies explore and manipulate data in meaningful ways to drive better engagement rates and ROI.

Sensor-based AR/VR desktop and mobile apps

We are one of the VR/AR development companies that crafts applications which operate using sensors and deliver impressive results on desktop and mobile devices.

Location-based VR and AR development services

The location-based augmented and virtual reality development services we offer helps businesses target the audience of a particular local region efficiently and effectively.

Visual Recognition Solutions

Our team of AR and VR development services providers is also know to craft digital solutions that take images, videos, and other visual content as input and return highly engaging results.

Face and Gesture recognition platforms

We also develop face and gesture recognition solutions that add convenience, engagement, and security to the ecosystem.


Appinventiv is among the finest VR/AR development agencies that collaborates the power of AR/VR with IoT to deliver a seamless experience across multiple connected devices.

AR & VR app support and maintenance

Our expert team of AR/VR developers also provide the finest services of app maintenance and update to clients globally.

Industries we serve with our AR/VR based digital solutions

We are one of the top AR/VR app development companies who help startups and established firms understand what the technology means to their business and how it can improve their ROI.


Our expert team of AR/VR developers also provide the finest services of app maintenance and update to clients globally.

Real Estate

With our AR apps, realtors are building better architecture models and offering virtual walkthroughs of properties to targeted users.

Education & Training

We’ve reinvented the learning experience and workforce training by creating solutions that simplify concepts, evaluate performance uniquely, etc.


Our AR/VR developers create game consoles that capture the attention of users and enable impressive interactivity with characters.


We’re a leading AR and VR agency that creates apps that help retailers gain higher conversions and do effective marketing.

Social Media

We create fully-functional AR filters and VR-enabled environments that aid companies promote their products/service in an engaging way.


With our AR & VR app development services, manufacturing firms are enjoying improved safety, efficiency and quality in their processes.

Media & Entertainment

Our team creates mobile apps using AR and VR that bring unrealistic creatures and effects into existence, resulting in irresistible experience.

Travel & Hospitality

AR/VR-based apps that we build let users travel across the globe and experience historical reconstructions without stepping out of their homes.


Be it user engagement, marketing, security, or training, our AR and VR based mobility solutions are helping the sportspersons, fans, and others relish new opportunities and benefits.


From interviewing and training employees to organizing and presenting data visually, our AR and VR apps are also revamping Enterprises.

Tech stack that boosts AR/VR business experience

We trust these tools and platforms to build successful AR and VR applications and offer exceptional experiences to all.














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Frequently asked questions

In simpler terms, AR technology brings virtual elements into real environments, while VR takes users to an unrealistic world.

It is quite difficult to say which one is best. This is because while VR offers more immersive experiences, AR gives more freedom and flexibility to users and delivers high-end possibilities for marketing. In such a scenario, it is advisable to consult with the best AR/VR app development company to come up with a conclusion.

Unity 3D and Unreal Engine 4 are the two best platforms to consider for VR app development. Whereas, ARCore and Vuforia are the finest platforms for creating AR apps.

While C and C++ are primarily used for developing AR and VR applications, C# is also used in collaboration with the Unity engine.

The answer to how long it takes to build an app based on VR technology is not fixed. This is because the development time and effort depends on the app features, complexity, developers’ experience, resources availability, and more.

The cost to make an app using this technology varies depending on the app complexity, targeted user base, app features, and various other such features. To know the exact cost estimate, it is better to discuss your app idea with the experts.

The simplest way to select the right full stack AR/VR development company for your next project is to keep a watch on factors like expertise, experience, portfolio, team size, location, communication channel, client feedback, etc.

Estimations & planning for business decisions