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Enabling Fast-Paced Healthcare Ecosystem with Advanced Digital Solutions

From clinic management and lowered operational cost to a more efficient patient treatment and diagnosis, we are a healthcare app development company that uses technology powered solutions for boosting every single element of healthcare. Since 2015, we have worked on more than 20 digitalization projects that solve three of the biggest challenges in the road of complete healthcare digitalization : governance, organizational structure, and mindset. We are fully equipped to take care of your healthcare project.

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Our Digital Healthcare Products

We help health organizations implement innovative digital health strategies. Irrespective of where their focus lies - Cloud migration, EHRs, Incorporation of technologies like AI and Blockchain, through our digital services we lead organizations to fundamentally change how they deliver healthcare solutions and shape digital healthcare consumerism.
BMI Measurement

An intuitive gesture-recognition application built on IoT, enabling drivers to drive distraction-free.

Soniphi - Healthcare App
The very first resonant frequencies-based personal wellness system.

A Bariatric patient engagement platform that ensures every patient receives remote monitoring care plan based on disease-specific & surgery specific follow up protocol

Healthcare Application Development Industry Has a Lot to Offer

Our services make your product an integral element of the complete Homecare and Healthcare ecosystem. What makes this possible is our extensive exposure to working with doctors, patients, pharmacies, delivery systems, prescription systems, and EHR mechanisms.

Our Healthcare App Developers Design Compliance-Friendly Platforms

With mass care being at the heart of the digital healthcare processes, Appinventiv medical app developers understand the prerequisites of engineering an international standard compliant digital solution. It is what makes us one of the leading health app development companies.


We ensure that our mobile apps are HIPAA compliant, which entails that they are secure, confidential information related to the patients and other associated parties like Hospitals and Doctors are protected when they are saved on mobile devices and/or are transmitted via the client-server model.


Our apps that focus on using GPS location, providing educational information, video games to motivate patients, record conversation doctors have with their patients, or use patients’ characteristics like their age, gender, and behavior to offer counseling, etc. are all FDA compliant.


Every mHealth app that we develop abide by the HITECH Act. They successfully pass all the security audits that are made to ensure strict enforcement of the HIPAA based Privacy and Security rules.


We follow the concepts and SaMD risk categories detailed by the International Medical Device Regulators Forum for the medical app development industry.


We follow the set of international standards for sharing, exchanging, and integrating, retrieving the healthcare information as dictated by the Health Level 7 organization. We also treat the standards as our bicycle when enhancing clinical practice and management.


Our data collection, processing, and securing process is designed to follow all the stringent GDPR compliance requirements. While the GDPR rules ask for a special protection for sensitive information, we ensure that every data that your application works with is highly secure.


Our healthcare solutions are devised to make you BYOD friendly. Our team of healthcare experts specialize in implementing a MDM (Mobile Device management) strategy which assists organizations control PHI in real-time in a secure environment.

4Cs that make us the soul of medical app development industry

We are the healthcare software developers who integrate a robust mobile infrastructure to meet the needs of a dynamic environment made of clinicians, healthcare providers, and patients. We achieve this through our 4C model of a digital healthcare backbone.
Custom Healthcare Software Development Company Backbone


mHealth applications should abide by the many international and local regulations and rules surrounding digital healthcare compliances.

Healthcare Application Development Company Backbone


The use cases of healthcare app domain are massive, but everything boils down to how comprehensive the solution is for your stakeholders.

We build apps with secure connection with doctor and patience


A mHealth app solution that allows seamless, secure connection of patients with doctors and other healthcare providers is what the industry needs. This need is what our team of mHealth app developers answers to.

Healthcare Mobile App Development Company Backbone


Patients’ information should be treated as a privilege that has to be treated as such. The data should be maintained confidentially.

Our Recognition in Healthcare

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Client testimonial
Despite still being in the pre-launch phase of the work, the team has impressed us with their adherence to deadlines and the ability to think innovatively. Resulting from their technical efforts, we already have over 3,000 medical specialists pre-registered on the ShifaCare platform.
Manish Chhabra
Manish Chhabra
CEO, ShifaCare

Digitalize with Innovative Healthcare Software Development Services

From optimizing the present administrative process to improving the efficiency and lowering cost of healthcare, our healthcare app development services introduce innovation and new methods of disruptions for preventive, predictive, and protective healthcare. We make your application, the source of healthcare evolution.
Medical Software Development Services

Electronic health record

We develop HIPAA-compliant electronic health record system that focuses on usability and easy integration with the hospital/clinic’s present system.

Medical Software Development Services


In our role as a trusted healthcare app development company, we create mobile prescribing apps to store a patient’s allergies, biometrics, and prescription data. Our apps help simplify prescription management while lowering medication errors.

Medical Software Development Services

Process management

We build process management apps to streamline all the time taking processes like scheduling, appointments and patient’s check-in.

Healthcare Software Development Services

Medical insurance claim

We have extensive experience in creating apps that bring users and their insurance providers in close connection to help fetch details of the insurance plan, the exact benefit they can avail, etc. on time.

Healthcare App Development Services

Electronic health information exchange

We develop HIPAA - compliant Top Medical and Healthcare Mobility Solutions that allow all medical parties - doctors, pharmacists, and patients to view and share patient’s medical information safely.

Healthcare App Development Services

Laboratory management

At AppInventiv, we understand the operational challenges that a laboratory faces. We create customized solutions for information management depending on the lab size and their specialties.

Healthcare App Development Services

Patient gateway

Using APIs like Google Health Cloud API and Apple Healthkit, we give the control back to the patients with our apps that focus on giving patients full access to their health and bills related information.

Healthcare Software Development Services

Software integration

We create mobile prescribing apps to store a patient’s allergies, biometrics, and prescription data. Our apps help simplify prescription management while lowering medication errors.

Healthcare Software Development Services

Lifestyle tracking

We develop apps that individuals use to monitor and track their daily physical activities. Created in both mobile and wearable versions, our apps bring health to the user’s fingertips.

Bringing a Digital Revolution in Healthcare Ecosystem

Every step that we take to bring about a digital revolution in the Health and Care ecosystem is a product of our innovation and expertise. The two elements that we have gathered over the years, being a trusted healthcare app development company in the USA and India.

Well-Planned Architecture

We understand the role that having a well-strategized architecture plays in making the solution secure and saving the end users’ time. Our monolithic vs microservices choice is a sign of how important your end goal is for our system architects.

Security-First Approach

Our digital healthcare solutions are approached with a security-first mindset. This is the reason why we focus attention on the compliances and extend our testing coverage for DAST and SAST.

Devops Centric Model

We enlist DevOps as a necessary requirement for maintaining development, QA, and deployment in parallel. It helps us offer a robust system for tackling fixes and avoiding replication when serving different business requirements.

Unparalleled Code Quality

Every design, performance, and security efforts we make ripple down to an unparalleled code quality. We also understand the need to keep the number of patches minimum and how it leads to greater stability and lesser maintenance time.

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Tech Stacks That Make Your Healthcare Products Fast & Secure

Our custom healthcare software development process is guided by technology sets which make your healthcare product interoperable, robust, fast, and secure.
Medical Software Development Process - Human API
Custom Medical Software Development Process - True Vault
Medical App Development Process - Chrono
Healthcare Mobile Application Development Process - Eligible
Health App Development Process - Apple Health
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