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Building award-winning digital products that improve mental health and lifestyle - all at once.

Craft mobility ideas that offer a better state of being

Our team of wellness app builders offer end-to-end solutions that enhance the lives of the global community and help them overcome issues that rely within ourselves.

Tech adoption has become a dire need of the wellness industry; making business leaders inclined towards mobility solutions. We know this. And this is why our team of wellness app experts invest the best of time and effort into crafting a digital solution that takes your business to new heights and offers ample opportunities.

We employ our comprehensive knowledge about the different range of activities and products, right from meditation to diet, nutrition, beauty, and gratitude journaling to aid businesses in capitalizing in the market

and offering better benefits to their target audience, such as better mental state, lower stress level, reduced healthcare cost, higher productivity, and enhanced personality.

Our wellness software development team, with extensive experience and market knowledge, ensure that you are served with nothing but the most functional, innovative, and economical solution; the one that aids others to reach their chi.

Take your business beyond traditional strategies like starting a wellness center

From strategic planning to designing, development, and launch, we take pride in working closely with you at each phase. We help you uncover challenges and opportunities with the help of different digital wellness solutions and drive better insights from day one.
Fitness software development solutions

Meditation mindfulness app

We code meditation mobile applications that calm everyone’s mind and offer them some stress-free moments using the power of music.

Fitness software development solutions

Mood tracking solution

Our wellness app development services hit pause on users’ mood swings and help them overcome anxiety, fear, and other negative emotions.

Fitness software development solutions

Sleep cycle analysis application

Incorporated with simple and gamified elements, our apps let users trace their sleep cycle pattern and take necessary steps to feel relaxed and rejoiced everyday.

wellness development solutions

Personality development solutions

We are a leading wellness and fitness software development company that curates compelling personality development platforms that further gains higher outcomes.

fitness development solutions

Gratitude journal application

Our team has a nitty-gritty of how to build a journal application that empowers users to acknowledge and appreciate goodness in daily life.

fitness development solutions

Diet and nutrition apps

Diet and nutrition applications that we create helps dietitians and professionals deliver quick, personalized, and effective plans to users, along with staying connected in real-time.

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Basic features that make your wellness solution irresistible to users

Our wellness & fitness mobility solutions are crafted by incorporating the finest of features that attracts users as well as help gain the limelight in the niche market.
fitness app development

Health risk assessment

fitness app development

Track daily progress

fitness app development


fitness app development


fitness app development

Online Consultation

Wellness & fitness app development service

Learning Resources

Wellness & fitness app development service

Incentives & Rewards

Wellness & fitness app development service

Push Notifications

Wellness & fitness app development service

Social media support

Wellness & fitness app development service

Multi device synchronization

Technologies that transform your idea into a source of mass bliss

We make your wellness and fitness organization techy and successful using the finest of technologies and trends.
technology used by fitness app developers

AI and Machine Learning

Our team of wellness and fitness software developers makes your solutions smart and emotional using the raw power of AI and Machine learning.

technology used by fitness app developers


Our wellness chatbots, alike physical coaches, guide and communicate users and help you to generate leads and gain higher revenue.

technology used by fitness app developers

Cloud Computing

We build custom wellness and fitness app development solutions that assists in gathering and analyzing data and coming up with the right strategy to attract consumers and supercharge your business.

technology used by fitness app builder


With our wearable solutions, wellness trainers and users can track a wide range of vital signs which can further help with upgrading their lifestyle.

technology used by fitness app builder


Our blockchain-based mental health applications entice users with an opportunity to monetize their knowledge, while being assured of security of their personal information.

technology used by fitness app builder


We take users to a virtual world and help them unplug more often, even in between consecutive meetings.

Benefits you relish on hiring Appinventiv as your wellness software development company

  • A Mobility solution that users love
  • Secured user health data
  • Incorporation of cutting-edge technologies in your solution
  • Higher downloads and revenue generation
  • Better brand marketing
Consolidating your
Medical Data using IoT
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The app that brings all your fragmented medical data lying in your medical records and your wellness data from wearables to one platform.

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