The Importance of QA Testers in App Development Process

By Nitin Agrawal
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Last update on: September 24, 2020

There is a major difference between mobile application users from the users of other applications. The mobile application users do not fuss much about faulty or slow applications, but they simply delete the app and upload a new one. There is a much lower level of tolerance than the users belonging to the desktop era. The expectations of the users in terms of the usability, quality and performance and met by the performing apps.

The credit of developing a mobile application as desired lies with the Quality Assurance (QA) testers, who are mostly forgotten in the organizations. The work done by these QA testers is so vital that the project in hand may fail on account of the various problems that will occur.

The Function of the QA Testers

There are no such products from mobile application development that are free from bugs or needs improvement by some means or other. The complex process of mobile app development allows coding in different ways and the app developers all need to be kept on the same page.

The process of Quality Assurance is about defining standards, checking whether the product conforms to them and suggesting the areas of improvement. This QA process happens simultaneously with the app coding process. The most important part of the QA process consists of testing the mobile apps using the manual, automated or the Cloud QA. The QA of services will also ensure an increased system integrity.

The main part of the work done by the QA testers is about conducting the tests on the mobile apps. There is a systematic procedure through which the app developers go through, understanding whether the functionalities will be well understood by the prospective users and the mobile apps are intuitive and user-friendly.

The qualities required for fulfilling a Quality Assurance tester is that of attention to minute details  and also a good level of communication skills. They are the persons who will find out all the issues regarding the mobile app and resolve these with a certain degree of precision. The QA testers will detect the bugs in the software, starting from minor crashes to glitches. The role played by the QA testers are that they are very first audiences for the apps as they report on the usability and give their feedbacks on the improvements. In the overall, the QA testers are responsible for assuring the quality of the app, in every respect whether that is the smooth functioning, functionalities, spelling mistakes, audio or graphical glitches or even the localization problems related to the apps.

Importance of the Mobile Apps

The whole point about testing a mobile app and ensuring that your app has gone through the QA process is to detect the bugs in the apps, fixing them before launching the apps and thereby preventing a bad reputation of the product. It is these defect free mobile apps which will enhance the confidence level of the clients about the company that is developing a mobile application, this in turn will attract more prospective customers.

Even the most certified of the app developers cannot be trusted in providing a fully functional app. It is only through these Quality Assurance testers that they come to know as to whether the app that is developed actually works in the real world, as they are effective in revealing the bugs and errors in the apps.

It is the tested software which adds value for the customers, as they meet the customer goals and do whatever is required by the customers. The tested apps makes it sure that they always become the preferred choice of the customers.

The QA services also helps to publicize a good word of mouth for the mobile app. So, the testing services are never an unnecessary and additional expenses for the mobile app development companies, but it is effective in a reduction in the development and maintenance costs. The lags in the mobile apps cause app abandonment and problems occur in the usability of the apps. Save considerably while testing the mobile apps and obtain the highest quality mobile apps.

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