How Can Enterprise App Development Accelerate Your Business Growth?

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September 29, 2016 8. min read
Last update on: November 15, 2021

Enterprise mobile application development is becoming imperative for business leaders. It enables businesses to digitize and speed up processes while also operating more efficiently, better engaging customers and boosting growth.

According to an  analysis by Grand View Research Inc., the global enterprise business apps market will be worth USD 259.51 billion by 2022. The industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.8 percent in the coming year due to an increasing need for digitalization among enterprises.

Table Of Contents

  1. What is Enterprise App Development?
  2. Types of Enterprise Applications
  3. How to Grow Your Business with Enterprise App Development?
  4. Factors to Consider before Developing Enterprise Mobile Apps
  5. What are the Most Successful Enterprise Apps in the Market?
  6. What is the Future of Enterprise Applications in the Digital Space?
  7. Why You Should Create Your Enterprise App with Appinventiv
  8. FAQs About Enterprise Software Application Development

In the current digitalization times, if your enterprise does not have a mobile app, your business could be missing out on crucial growth opportunities.  

Therefore, it’s time to understand how an enterprise application can make your business more efficient and what is the future of enterprise app development for business.

What is Enterprise App Development?

Enterprise application development is the process of creating and deploying scalable and reliable mobile apps to help enterprises streamline their business operations, improve productivity, lower costs and so on. Business owners seek to create user-oriented software to communicate with clients, partners and workers in the most efficient way possible, in addition to streamlining corporate operations.

Enterprise mobile apps can be created for both internal and external use. These mobile app solutions can either mirror the major services that employees use on their PCs or they might be the unique solutions to contemporary workplace problems.

The Common Use Cases of Enterprise Mobile Apps Development

 Enterprise business apps development companies have seen growth in the demand for enterprise apps. This has made enterprise mobile app developers develop multiple types of apps that help their clients grow business with enterprise app development.

Below are some types of enterprise apps for business growth, which companies generally choose when looking for answers to create an app for business.

  • Automated billing systems
  • Payment processing
  • Email marketing systems
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Enterprise search
  • Enterprise Messaging Systems (EMS)
  • Call center and customer support
  • HR Management

How To Grow Your Business With Enterprise App Development?

There are so many reasons why businesses should invest in enterprise app development. Recollecting on these investments, let us revisit the benefits of enterprise application for business.

Enterprise mobile apps development helps a business in not one but many ways. It not only increases employee productivity but also brings down the company expenses. One of the biggest advantages that enterprise software development services provide is the ability to store massive data. The data used by companies is huge and storing them in papers and folders is not an easy job. The enterprise apps help businesses store important data with ease.

Read on the following pointers highlighting the importance of enterprise mobile app to learn how they help to grow and get mobile app ideas for business:

Enhance employee productivity 

With business mobile applications, employees, as well as businesses, are able to upload all the important information on the go and because of this, they can see the saved data any time any place.

Furthermore, the productivity of the employees is improved as the data can be easily accessed in a real-time scenario which saves the time of processing and arranging data. Employees are also saved from regularly maintaining the data manually which also increases their productivity level.

Keep field workers updated 

Businesses that have huge involvement of delivery boys, technicians, or drivers need to be connected all the time regardless of their location. Enterprise mobile apps are the solution to how to boost a service business. These apps not only connect workers with the company but also include customers in the loop. DoorDash business model is one such example.

Improved ROI 

While developing an app, the enterprise is spending more capital on the design as well as development so as to give a smooth user experience and easy navigation.

Less maintenance cost, updates on a regular basis as well as high user engagement with enterprise apps are some amazing factors for boosting the return on investment of your business.

Easy and efficient task management 

When all the information is available at your fingertips then it paves the way for the easy management and assigning of a task. Moreover, with options like keeping track of employees, meetings, and business operations to name a few, the administration is able to make accurate judgments instead of getting influenced by the opinions of others.

Streamline business process and Workflow Automation

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) helps in streamlining the business processes by applying good functionality from useful apps into an easy-to-use interface. It also enhances teamwork between various departments and workflow transparency. The automation of workflows with EAI improves the collaboration across groups and teams among profit without developing application-specific interfaces and linking them point-to-point.

Improved business productivity 

n enterprise app can notify employees regarding cancellations, reminders, announcements or meetings of important events. Such an app is also used for sending birthday wishes or updates related to any event. All these functions not only lead to faster business productivity but also creates a healthy business culture. 

Generation of new insights 

With the latest technology integration, businesses can gather new insights for better decision making. When it comes to how to boost a service business, enterprise apps are the answer. Service businesses work on the data they get and with the help of apps, this data can be used to find out the growth level, risk management strategies, and much more.

Better customer experience 

An amalgamation of all the benefits you read above when mixed with the key features like unbreachable security, data encryption, interoperability, and real-time access of data, makes it possible for businesses to achieve true customer experience. 

Factors to Consider Before Developing Enterprise Mobile Apps

There are a few things to consider before starting custom enterprise app development. While a well-trained team can assist in the effective integration of enterprise app development services, you should be aware of the following points:

Platform Selection

This is the first stage in creating an app. The platform you choose has an impact on the rest of the features of enterprise application. In this situation, if you get an app designed, try to have the biggest reach feasible. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are currently the most popular systems.

Target Audience

Understanding the consumer base is one of the most important elements entrepreneurs must consider before getting their enterprise application designed and developed. When designing enterprise apps, details like the consumers who will be using the app, their age range, and the country you aim to target are critical.

Mobile Analytics

The analytics tool aids in determining the capabilities and features of your app. It has an impact on important elements including user engagement with certain events while also assisting in user retention. Brands can use analytics to improve the app’s overall performance. Users’ individual functionality needs and preferences can be determined through careful study. Mobile analytics allows you to save data and use it wisely in order to improve the speed and efficiency of your app.

UI/UX Design

Your UX reflects your business and portrays you to prospects and consumers; your UI and UX are intertwined. The touchpad has completely changed how people interact with digital gadgets. Mobile app developers have been able to give incredible user interaction and experience with just a few clicks, thanks to the growing use of smartphones. Hence, UI/UX has become a blessing for developers & organizations.

Ensuring Security

When firms enter into Enterprise application development, having a robust security system that protects sensitive and private data of users is critical. It’s much more important when your software involves monetary transactions. Users’ data is becoming increasingly precious these days, demanding a capable and dependable system to store and protect it.

What are The Most Successful Enterprise Apps In The Market?

It is easier to find ways to fail at enterprise app development but it takes a lot of effort to build an app that makes it to the top charts. Yes, there are apps developed by their respective enterprise application development company that is nailing it in the market. Have a look at them:


Trello is a web-based application that allows users to organize their work. Trello is used for organizing tasks for yourself or with your team. It lets you create lists and flag the tasks in different colors. With every activity in the Trello board, all the members are notified immediately which makes keeping up with the task quite easy. 


You probably would have heard of MailChimp before. It was one of the earliest and easiest ways to create an email for people without any technical background. The UI of MailChimp is constantly being worked on to continue to give great service. This marketing platform is a great tool for small businesses.


Slack is officially the fastest growing app for the workplace. The UX of the app is amazing with fun affirmations and pop-ups. It is one of the most preferred software for businesses.


Zoom is one of the preferred applications that is free and individuals can connect across the globe at any time, as long as the application is downloaded and running on smartphone, PC, tablet, or a laptop. Zoom is used for communications purposes such as meetings, webinars, etc, by many of the successful businesses.

Survey Monkey

As the name suggests, Survey Monkey is used by businesses to research. They say Fortune 500 companies trust their information and use it to make important decisions. This is the best tool for research and creation of a report in the market. 


The Workflow app lets its users drag and drop multiple apps to run them in that order. This app is only for iOS users and is free of cost. Ever since it was launched, the users have been loving it for the way it works for them.

Bamboo HR

BambooHR stands out among the herds that offer HR solutions because of its features to track candidates for open positions, employee onboarding, and payroll management. Enterprise planning solutions include many benefits such as automation for HR processes like onboarding, hiring, selecting candidates, etc., and easy to use interfaces.


This is the preferred enterprise communication management software for social media posts. This app helps to analyze the target content across social platforms and schedule the post in advance to ease out the working process. It also agrees with integration with tools such as GDrive, Mailchimp, Dropbox, etc.


This is the most downloaded non-gaming app in the world currently. Telegram is a cloud-based chat app with millions of active users already. What sets Telegram apart from the rest of the chat apps? Both speed and security. It also allows you to sync your data across all of your devices. Telegram combines all of your favorite applications, including WhatsApp, Giphy, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter, into a single app that is quicker, better, and safer.

These apps in addition to the several up and coming enterprise applications have set the domain on a path of unprecedented growth. Here are the trends that we can presume shaping the space further in the coming years. 

What Is The Future Of Enterprise Applications In The Digital Space?

There is no denying that mobile enterprise application development services will be demanded massively in the near future. Companies or businesses that have gone for enterprise apps are already seeing growth in their business. So, it will not be wrong to say that the future of enterprise apps development is very bright.

For businesses, data is their most important asset. But the large data that they require to carry out their business is not easy to handle manually. Therefore, an app or software that can easily manage the data for the companies will be a good investment or starting point when looking for how to make mobile apps for business.

Besides a data-backed solution, the future of enterprise apps also belongs to keeping up with the latest technology trends. 

Artificial Intelligence 

The role of AI in businesses goes beyond an improvement in customer experience. On the business front, the technology can affect almost all the domains – HR, Marketing, Operations, and Finance. We have explored the use cases of AI across different job roles extensively in this article – How AI Carries an Impact On Your Business, Across Domains?


Irrespective of which industry you look at, you can find Blockchain playing an active role in its transformation. Enterprises are no different. There are multiple ways you can embrace blockchain in your business – better supply chain management, unbreachable security, transparent payment system, effective hiring process. 

Augmented and Virtual Reality 

By helping employees explore the intricacies of their job virtually, AR/VR technology is has been making complex work processes interactive for some years now. Through its working model, the technology combination is proving to be a game-changer in the training and development domain.

When developers use the best in class enterprise application development tools, in the future enterprise apps will be the heart and brain of any enterprise. As progress is, it will not be a surprise if the apps use AI to run the operations of the entire business. Enterprise mobility is evolving at a rapid pace. 

Big Data Analytics

Huge sets of complicated data mining, typically with tools and databases we already use, is a relatively low-cost but highly helpful step that may be accomplished by simply watching consumer actions. The trend of evaluating vast volumes of unstructured data in many formats and extensions is here to stay in the commercial world. It simply pays dividends by allowing you to act faster, increase online sales, and better serve client needs.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing will continue to evolve at a rapid pace, adapting to users’ changing needs and expectations. As a result, numerous industries’ functionalities would be improved. When embracing digital transformation, shifting to the cloud becomes important and the most practical technique of analyzing data for businesses. However, such transfers are accompanied by changing expectations, necessitating the use of cutting-edge cloud technology as well as upgraded and powerful security features.

The trends, like the enterprise app sector itself, are constantly evolving. Meaning, if you are looking to develop an app that would be up to date with all the latest technologies of the current time, you should partner with an enterprise mobile app development company that is well-adept with the changing market needs.

Why You Should Create Your Enterprise App with Appinventiv

Appinventiv has an in-house team of expert developers who specialize in creating high-end enterprise mobile apps with all of the needed features and capabilities.

We know that the enterprise mobility market size is huge and has many unclaimed opportunities hence, building a future-proof app can be lucrative. We helped the multinational fast food chain – KFC expand digitally across the globe with a mobile app that resulted in a 28% conversion rate. We enabled them to accelerate their business goals by covering all the important aspects of digitalization before creating an app. 

Contact us for a professional consultation on how to make your business scalable and future-oriented.

FAQs About Enterprise Software Application Development

Q. How can enterprise application development make your business more efficient?

A tailored enterprise app can help you improve your business operations and customer service. You can also gain an advantage over competition by speeding up the processes and generating more revenue.

Q. How to choose the best enterprise app development firm?

Many things should be considered while choosing a development company for your enterprise app, including development technique, years of expertise, company strength, client feedback, and so on.

Q. Why should you hire a company to develop your mobile app?

You can cut project costs, expedite time to market, and improve product quality by outsourcing mobile app development. It is sometimes necessary to have expert insight into contemporary technology or competent support in order to build a corporation.

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